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Content is King

11th August 2017

Content is King

The ever trusty Wikipedia’s definition of social media is this: Computer mediated technologies that facilitate the creation and sharing of information ideas, career interests and other forms of expression via virtual communities and networks. Being a social media manager means using these virtual communities and networks to provide regular, consistent, reliable information to the right audiences at the right time.

So is it just being on Facebook all day?

Well yes and no! Managing social media is great fun. You get to be creative, a bit witty, create posts that motivate people or give them information that they really need. But it is also hard work. Creating content every day that people will actually want to see, engage with and remember is a constant challenge – that’s probably why the social media manager at your company is always pestering you for pictures, anecdotes or success stories! Things move so fast in the modern world that yesterday’s news is easily forgotten – so we Social Media Managers are always on the hunt for something new to post about!

Here at Red Berry we actively manage six social media accounts. We consciously aim to create audience specific content that can help people find jobs, help businesses find candidates and also show the personalities of the bunch of berries that make up the team.

We like to make use of video in our social media content. The written word is brilliant and gets the message across, but sometimes a visual can help to really emphasise something, as well as give a personal connection and help to show that businesses have personalities too. I’m lucky that my MD isn’t camera-shy and so I never have to ask her twice to talk on video about any exciting jobs, events or promotions that we want to share.

Social media is an extremely valuable tool for businesses of all sizes. It’s free (a definite perk) but in my view it is the opportunity to create networks, share information that can have a real impact on a person, and also the ability to show personality that is the real benefit of social media. So go on – think of a great story, take a great picture and send it to whoever manages the social media at your business. I promise s/he will thank you for it!

By Natalie Waters





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