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Where to Find New Business

11th April 2017

Where to Find New Business

Finding new business is exciting. Well it is if you want to grow your business! But where to find it is a different matter. There are so many methods from cold calling, door knocking and networking events through to LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. You can even buy contacts, search on the internet via Google or be recommended – the options are endless. However, finding what suits your business is important and doing more than just one would help!

The amount of people in business who think attending one networking event will ‘bag’ them their next client is enough to do are sadly wrong. If it was that easy then everyone could do it. But it’s not – it’s about relationship building. People buy from people the majority of the time, people they like but also people they trust.

New business if ‘hunting’ for it takes time, on average a cold call to conversion takes 3 months. But personally, for me, the wins are the best when you’ve nurtured that prospect for a long time when they finally need your services.

It’s slightly different if they come to you, they have a need already but ultimately you still have to deliver great customer service and quality for them to return.

Think about your business, what have you tried, if it didn’t work why? Do you track where your business comes from?

However, finding business doesn’t have to be so ‘business-like’. You hear people talk about business being done on the golf course, meeting a prospect client at a black tie ball or at the gym. In fact the more relaxed you are, the more likely you are to be yourself and hopefully ‘connect’ with people.

I attend events every week from formal breakfast events and informal lunches, through to dinners and buffets. From rugby do’s to charity balls. For me, it’s all about meeting people.

A warm call to the HR manager after meeting their boss at an event is easier than a cold call. A recommendation and referral are far nicer than no one knowing you!

So whether you buy a contact list, play golf, attend events, go networking or door knock it doesn’t matter as long as it works for you and you enjoy it. As long as the return is there and it benefits you and the business then enjoy!





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