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Five Tips to Help with Interviews

9th November 2017

Five Tips to Help with Interviews

Interviews can be nerve-wracking things that’s for sure, but most people in their lives will have to go through the interview experience. Even many senior candidates and those who have attended a lot of interviews still feel nervous beforehand. There are a lot of hints and tips available to help you prepare and here are Red Berry’s top five tips to help you ace that interview and hopefully secure the job of your dreams.

Greet with a smile and a firm handshake

First impressions really count and you only get one chance to make a good one. As soon as you see whoever it is coming to collect you, take a deep breath, give them a big smile and offer your hand for a handshake. Make sure to practice beforehand as no one likes a flimsy handshake or wants their hand crushed!

Be enthusiastic

Employers want to employ candidates that actually want to work for their business. So be interested when they talk to you about the company and the position, perhaps even ask a couple of questions to show your interest. Be as upbeat as you can be during the interview, even if you are nervous, nod to show you are listening and generally show that you want THAT job and THAT company.

Show that you have done your research

Always turn up to an interview prepared and having done your research. If you think that nerves might set in, take a notebook with a few prompts noted down. The interviewer might ask something like “What do you know about our business?” or “Have you looked at our website?” Try and learn a few key facts about the business like who their biggest client is or what awards they have won. Perhaps mention something you saw posted on their social media accounts that you found interesting or a blog on their website, and let them know that you understand the size of the business and where they are located. Don’t worry, you don’t have to memorise the Mission Statement or the whole website just choose a few things that demonstrate that you have taken an interest in the company – it helps to show that you really do want to work there.

Listen carefully to the questions

Always listen carefully to the questions that you are being asked. If you don’t listen properly you could end up giving a poor quality answer. If you need to, don’t be afraid to ask for clarification or ask for them to repeat what they have said. Interviewers want clear and concise answers. If you’re not sure what it is they are asking there is a danger that you might end up waffling and trying to cover as many bases as possible in an attempt just to get an answer out. Try to give a clear example to each question where you can and explain what it was that YOU did to achieve a certain outcome or complete a piece of work.

Be prepared to talk about your strengths, and your weaknesses

The purpose of an interview is for the interviewer(s) is to get to know you a little bit (and vice versa). Often to do this interviewers will ask about your strengths and your skills. They will also more often than not ask about your weaknesses and this is something that can sometimes catch a candidate off guard. So, have something prepared before you go. Explain what your weakness is, and how you go about overcoming it. Even better if you can think of an example where you overcame a weakness to produce a great piece of work.

By Natalie Waters





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