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Six Ways To Advance Your Career

7th June 2018

Six Ways To Advance Your Career

You’re doing great at work, you’ve mastered your skill set and you’re always on top of your workload – but it’s important that you don’t get complacent. Even when you love your job, you need to be taking steps to ensure that you can advance your career and take the next step when the time comes.

In your career, as in life, you should always be learning and progressing. As such, we’ve put together a guide to outline the six steps that you can take to ensure you’re advancing within your career. 

Consider your goals

It can be helpful to take some time to consider your career goals, even making a list of what it is you want to achieve. This will help you to see where you are currently at in your career plan and work out the next logical step.

Do a self-assessment

Once you’ve thought about your goals, it can be helpful to do a self-assessment. Are there any gaps in your knowledge? Could you benefit from additional training? Do you need to start looking for a more senior role? It may be that you’re perfect for the role you’re in right now, but you know there is work to be done if you hope to advance in your career.

Take on additional training

As previously stated, it’s always good to continue learning new skills. These might be hard or soft skills. It may be that you just want to spend some time working on you leaderships skills; alternatively, there might be a new program or software you’re hoping to master.

Whatever it is you need to do to take the next step, there are plenty of options. You might want to ask your employer if they’d consider investing in your development. Alternatively, you could take matters into your own hands, enrolling on an online training course or going back into education. There are so many opportunities for development nowadays; it’s about finding what works best for you.

Get clued up

It’s important to always be on top of the latest trends and news, particularly in your chosen field. This means that if there is a new technology, you can begin to get to grips with it. It’s also helpful to look at what’s going on in the job market and what your competitors are up to. This might spark innovative new ideas or help you better understand what’s going on in the business.


You know what they say, it’s not what you know, it’s who you know. And it’s important that you are always networking throughout your career. Getting to know your colleagues, attending events and networking online are all helpful ways to connect with like-minded professionals.

These people may then be able to help you at a later date, offering you advice or alerting you to any new or exciting opportunities in your industry.

Go the extra mile

Make yourself stand out by always being proactive and showing initiative. In doing so, you’ll likely be asked to take on new responsibilities and join new projects. This will not only advance your skill set, but it also looks great on your CV and shows you’ve made a real contribution to the business. Employers appreciate those who are always willing to go the extra mile and don’t shy away from work.

In summary

Even if you’re completely happy in your current role, it’s always good to be preparing for the future. Follow these six steps to ensure you’re always advancing in your career and you’ll be ready to take the leap when the next exciting opportunity comes along.

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