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“I thought I would just drop you a line to let you know how Nikki is getting on. She is great! She is good with parents, kids and colleagues, is unflappable, will take on any task asked of her and is really quick to pick things up. We use a management system for the pupils details and Nikki was happy to use this from day one and can usually navigate her way around the system, but asks when she is not sure. Thank you for your help in filling this ‘gap’, we are recruiting and have had a lot of interest in the post. I think Nikki has been surprised at how busy it is, but certainly does not complain, she has indicated that she is happy to stay with us until we make the appointment, which should be the end of October. In short, I can’t think of anyone nicer to have working with us and if I can recruit someone as good as Nikki to my permanent staff I will be delighted.”

Ruth Sayer, Client

“Mother ‘forgot’ to give me the mail you sent me. Jut like to say thanks for every thing you have done, you dont know how much I appreciate it. Thanks to you and the Redberry crew for the cards.”

Tom, Candidate

“Your service in the branch is excellent! Your service is so good there is only one way I can see it improved: open a branch in every town and city. What you’ve got should be available to all, nationwide. Thank you so much for an excellent result. Keep up your good work!”

Laurie Merrifield, Candidate

“I would just like to say a big thank you to you all, for your help and support!I have just reached the end of my first week at xxxxx and I have loved it, they are such lovely people! I think its going to be a job I will really enjoy!So thank you very much!xx”

Karol Piskadlo, Candidate

“Thanks for your support with our recruitment, we had four excellent candidates, all of whom could have done the job, so it was a difficult decision as to who to pick. I hope Linda accepts and look forward to hearing from you/Geoff in due course.”

Nigel, Client

“I’ve been telling everyone what a good agency Red Berry is and how nice the people in the office are so hopefully you will get some more business!”

Melissa, Candidate

“Well where do I start!! I started looking for a job in Somerset back in March 2007, and unfortunately didn’t sign up with Red Berry until the end of Jan 2008. I was signed up with a few (well quite a lot of) agencies, both National companies and local ones, but I had no calls that matched my requirements for what I was really looking for, which was something local, for a decent pay check… but then I signed up with Red berry, and didn’t look back. I had a call the following day and interview for the end of the week… Helen was my main contact, and she is great, very enthusiastic, knows her job very well, and she makes sure that your going for a role that is what your looking for rather than what she thinks you could do. which to me, was really important because I was getting pretty fed up getting calls about roles an hour and a half away. Any way, I don’t normally leave feedback for anything (apart from eBay) but felt that credit where credit’s due, I’m really happy where I’m working now, and I happen to know another candidate that signed up, and before she’d even got home she had an interview lined up for the next day.. she got the job and is happy where she is too. So lots of thanks to you Helen, and all the team – who were really friendly on the phone too, I couldn’t fault you if I tried!! Take care and good luck, not that you’ll need it! I’ll be in touch about the boxing if your still interested!!”

Rachel, Candidate

“Thank you (and Lucy and Natalie of course) for all of your hard work searching for our new staff members. You should be proud of Lucy and Natalie as they are doing a great job for you.”

Jill Moore, Candidate

“Thank you for your time yesterday it was good to meet you and your team, I must say your agency indeed does have a better ‘feel’ to it than one or two others I won’t mention ! From what I heard you have your business model absolutely right – Ferrari’s all round next year then…”

Mark, Candidate

“I thought I would drop you a line to let you know that I am almost settled in here at XXXXXXXX and my new role is going well. I am still trying to get to grips with names and systems and stuff I am sure I will have it sorted soon enough. (Well I hope so) The people are fab and everyone has bent over backwards to help me settle in. Thanks again for your help and support in securing the position.”

Louise, Candidate

“Thank you very much for your efforts on my behalf. You have absolutely been the most hopeful, helpful and sincere out of all the employment agents I have dealt with.”

Sandra Ward, Candidate

“Very many thanks to both you and Helen for your very prompt, professional and positive service.All I need now is for xxxxxx to love the job and be successful and we will all have a very prosperous new year.”

Richard, Client

“I wish to thank both yourself and Helen for all your hard work and wish you all a Merry Christmas.”

Giles, Candidate

“We…have decided to stay the week. To attend any interviews you manage against all odds to secure for me.You are so good a true professional you will clearly shine in whatever you do.”

Arthur, Candidate

“Thank you for providing us with the manpower to put the trees up and take down the flags. The lads have all been really good, and I would like to add extra words of appreciation for XXXXXX as he really gets on with the job, is sensible and bright and can copes with ladders, heights and tricky bits extremely well without moaning!I am having him back tomorrow for 2 hours to help put up the gazebos.”

Fran, Client





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