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I have found my dealings with Scott to be a very good experience.
He was very perceptive and quick to understand our business and our needs.
Very quick on email and generally very efficient.
I highly recommend him.

Victoria, Client

Just a quick line to say a big thank you for sending —- our way, she’s excellent and just what we wanted and needed.
Keep up the good work!

Anonymous, Client

xxxx is brilliant
If I could have another 80 of her, that would be great!
She`s fitted in great and will be a big asset for us now and in the future.

Marc, Client

Red Berry have been our sole provider of temporary candidates since I joined the business in the spring of 2018.
Nancy has been our main point of contact and has been friendly, approachable, accommodating and professional throughout.
The nature of our business means our requirements can change rapidly. These complexities are appreciated by Nancy and her team, and it’s this understanding that promotes the good relationship we have with Red Berry.

Dave, Client

Thanks for everything, she has been a really good fit for our company and we have no complaints whatsoever and would definitely use your services again, if an opportunity arose.

Mike, Client

I can highly recommend Red Berry Recruitment and will definitely be using them again for any temporary staff vacancies.   A suitable candidate was found at short notice who proved to be invaluable; she was conscientious, reliable, hardworking, able to work on her own initiative and definitely someone who we felt we could trust to just get on with the job.

Anonymous, Client

Shane, Client

You have found the perfect candidate for us and that was the easiest search ever conducted. Thank you Jodi!

Sally, Client

If you are looking for a talented recruiter – look no further – Jess Harmer is the person for you.
A few years ago Jess approached us looking to secure new business.  I liked her initial approach which was really refreshing – no ‘hard sell’: no arrogance or self-importance about how brilliant she and the company would be – rather about getting to know me, our company and our requirements.  Over the course of a few weeks we quickly forged a relationship based on true in-depth understanding of who we were, what we needed, how we liked to work; and similarly, the same for me to know how Jess liked to work, her areas of expertise so that we could totally trust one another.  Soon after our initial introduction a tricky role came up in the manufacturing plant: a junior-level QA position which traditionally had been a nightmare to fill.  Through Jess’s absorption of our culture, ways of working, requirements (which included her coming on site to spend time in all areas of the manufacturing site and offices and speaking to the recruiting Line Manager) and passion for our business, she quickly presented us with 3 fantastic candidates.  Ultimately in record time we filled this role and the person remains with us today.
Jess’s special qualities are her boundless enthusiasm for what she does: she truly loves her role and makes the client feel that they are the only ones she’s supporting: quite a unique gift.  Jess takes the time to really understand what you need and will not rest until she is absolutely sure she understands the complexities of each and every role – something that can be incredibly difficult in manufacturing.  She is then very quick to present us with candidates who closely fit our requirements and over the years we have been working with us, she has a great track record of knowing whether someone will ‘fit’ with our culture, or not.  Where she’s uncertain, she will say – and this just adds to the trust we have in her.
Additionally, even when Jess claims she is ‘out of office’ she frequently collects and replies to emails at all times of the day or night – really going the ‘extra mile’.  The candidate feedback about their experience with Jess is amazing: they talk about her being an inspirational recruiter: someone who is totally people focused and gives them the time of day to make them feel really special so when they get an interview and feedback from this, they truly feel unique.
We really look forward to picking up the phone or sending a briefing email to Jess with opportunities.  Her positivity, excitement and enthusiasm is very motivating and even when times have been hard with an almost nil-unemployment in our local area, she can still find us fantastic, talented people to join our team.
Jess is a real pleasure to work with and we view her as a ‘partner in crime’ rather than “just another recruiter”.

Anon, Client

I just want to say a massive thank you for your time and effort today. The team took a great amount of inspiration from your words and presentation. Clearly your enthusiasm and passion for your work has been the driving force behind your success.
Your presentation highlighted the high quality service and standard that is the back bone of Red Berry. I think we were all left thinking about what, how and when we do things encouraging great ideas and input from all

Veeda, Client

Thanks so much for your email. Good news and we were very impressed by all the candidates that you put forward – it was a tough decision! We will most definitely be using you again! I’m sure they will be absolutely brilliant.

Gemma, Client

I just wanted to let you know both Jodi and Lily are a credit to your company. They came across so professionally this morning, along with being very articulate about what they do and offer. It was a pleasure to meet them both. 

Tim, Client

We received excellent service from Jodi. not only did she fill the role, but she has been exemplary in the service she has given us. I have worked with many Recruitment Agencies, but Jodi has been by far the best recruiter I’ve dealt with. She’s an absolute delight to work with! I hope to work with Jodi again in the future.

Sue, Client

Thanks ever so much for your help in finding us such good candidates for this role!

Anon, Client

Thanks ever so much Louise for your help in finding us such good candidates for this role!

Anon, Client





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