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Dear Rosie and everyone at Red Berry,
 Thank you so much for the delicious Cream Tea in a box I have just received.  What a fabulous surprise.” You are so kind.” I can assure you I will  make a right pig of myself later eating it !! The strawberries smell Devine. Thank you for this very kind gesture.
 I hope you all have a fab weekend….. Catch up soon.

Lynn Tscherniawsky, Client Testimonial, Client

Many thanks to Helen and all the team at Red Berry for the lovely Cream Tea. We managed to make it go round all 8 of the employees – well they are on diets as it happens!
Seriously though – great idea and well received by us all
Thank you!

Mark Yates, Client Testimonial, Client

Good afternoon Rachael,
I would like to say’ THANK YOU VERY MUCH J’ for a sweet present , which was delivered to us today from Red Berry Recruitment.
It was lovely! We enjoyed it!
Thank you. 

Tatiana Hicks, Client Testimonial, Client

Hi Helen, I hope you don’t mind me emailing you this time as not strictly work related. I just wanted to say the ad in the paper was great. It cannot do you any harm, you looked good too, so all good !!. Seriously though great advertising. I have to say I am such an advocate of yours and am spreading the Red Berry name everywhere I go. Your staff are also spot on. You honestly would be surprised how much you are spoke of in the canteen. Big hit here, well done x
 Anyway have a great weekend, Tony 

Tony Ward, Client Testimonial, Client

This is just to say a very big ‘THANK YOU’ for the Easter Eggs you brought to The Salvation Army yesterday.
We will distribute them carefully!
Please pass on our very sincere thanks to all who contributed.
God Bless You!
Stephen Curnow (Major)

Stephen Curnow from The Salvation Army, Client

 I’m just emailing you to say thanks for the great job you have done over the last week. I know it has been challenging receiving multiple phone calls from me at any time of day (even on a Sunday), normally changing my mind at the last minute. We have had need for a higher demand of agency staff than usual and you have provided a brilliant service.
 So again thank you for all of the effort you have put in to providing us with the additional staff that we have required.
Kind Regards,

Mark Chivers, Client Testimonial, Client

Hope all is well with Red Berry…. Liam & Trevor have and still are my little stars. They both work so hard and use initiative as & when required. Can’t praise them enough at the moment.
 Have a good day and lets hope the sun shines soon.

Debbie Chivers, Client Testimonial, Client

Our new Red Berry recruits are proving to be a great asset to our business and we thank you and your team for helping us fill these roles, Mark Ryan is very positive with the level of service and caliber of candidate Red Berry are currently offering.   
Red Berry are currently our first contact point for ALL recruitment.

Lee Hill, Client Testimonial, Client

Hi Jess
I hope I find you well, I’m  very pleased to be able to tell you that Oliver has agreed to join us as a fulltime member of our team on our return to work on the 2nd January 2014, I would also like to take this opportunity to thank you very much for all help you have given us over the past year, you are by far the best recruitment team I’ve worked with.
 Wishing you a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year!!!!!

Mike, Client Testimonial, Client

Can I just say how useful it is for you as the agency to obtain the references, thank you.  This is the first time I have experienced this from an agency.

Amanda, Client Testimonial, Client

Can I just say how useful it is for you as the agency to obtain the references, thank you.  This is the first time I have experienced this from an agency.

Amanda, Client 2013, Client

I have used a number of recruitment agencies since I have been in HR and have found more often than not the experience to have been disappointing. This has not been the case with Red Berry Recruitment who I have found to deliver our requirements in a professional and timely manner!

James Nelson, Client Testimonial 2013, Client

Would like to thank all concerned for your help over the weekend in supplying extra people at such short notice. It really made a difference in what we were able to achieve in preparation for a week of very important visits to our site.

Dave K, Client Testimonial, Client

Hi Jessica,
 Thank you for enquiring about Deanna, Deanna is a breath of fresh air in the office with a whole host of new exciting ideas on the direction of our sales strategy she has a personality that is a 100% match with the rest of us and has very quickly become an extremely valued member of the team..
 In short Deanna was a cracking find..
 Kind regards

Ross Fowler, Client Testimonial, Client

Helen is the ultimate business woman. She know exactly what she wants, she is full of ideas and very passionate about recruitment and how she can look after people. It has been a pleasure working with Helen and it’s nice to have someone I can trust and rely on

Dave Rideout, Client Testimonial, Client





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