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CV Guidance

A CV is an essential tool when job-hunting. Your CV is your opportunity to sell yourself to potential employers and tell them about the skills and experience you can offer their business.

It is important to tailor your CV to the job that you are applying for. However, there are certain structures and information that all CVs should contain.

Structuring your CV

  • Contact Details

Include your name, address, telephone number and email address. Think about what email address you use and ensure it is professional. You can set up a free Hotmail or Gmail account especially for job applications if you have a very informal email address. If you need more space you can put your name and contact details into a header.

  • Profile

The CV should start with a paragraph introducing you. You want to include what you are looking for, some of your key attributes and a summary of your experience and skills. Don’t go into too much detail here – that comes later. Keep this short and sweet ensuring what you write is relevant to the role you’re applying for and try not to use jargon or clichés.

  • Key Skills

List some of the key skills that you have that a relevant to the role you are applying for. Bullet points are a great way to do this as they get straight to the point and stand out on your CV. Try to use language that has been used in the job description or advert. This shows that you have read the job description and have tailored your application.

  • Work Experience

Start with your most recent job and work backwards. Focus on your last three jobs and describe these in detail. As a heading put the job title, company name and the dates you worked there. You can again make use of bullet points to list your key responsibilities and any successes that you want to highlight.

Make sure you address any gaps in your employment history. For example, if you took a career break, were on maternity leave or went travelling, simply state the dates that you were not working and a short explanation of what you were doing during that time.

Don’t go all the way back through your whole work history, even if you have had a lot of jobs. Anything over ten years old just can be listed if it is relevant but you don’t go into detail or list your responsibilities as before.

  • Education

Start with the most recent first and then work backwards. You don’t need to list every qualification you have achieved, you can say e.g. 5 GCSEs A-C including A in English and B in Math (or whichever a the most relevant to the job. List the school or college you went to and the dates you attended.

You can also use this section to include any professional qualifications that you have or any major training courses that you have completed, especially if they are relevant to the job you are applying for.

  • Interests

This is optional and will have little or no impact on whether you will be selected. Including this simply helps to give the person reading your CV an idea of who you are as a person.

  • References

There is no need to list the references that you would give. Simply write that references are available on request.

Top Tops

  • CVs should be typed so that they look professional
  • Ask someone to proof read your CV. Typos or spelling errors can undo all your good work
  • Try to keep your CV to two A4 pages
  • Keep your CV up to date
  • If there are particular types of role you are aiming for you can have tailored CVs ready to go so you don’t have to start from scratch every time you want to apply for a job.

Whilst here are Red Berry Recruitment we are unable to offer one-to-one, specialist CV advice. We do recommend getting in touch with Rosie from MPloyable if you need help.



CV Writing Help

If you need help with writing a CV, or are in need of some careers coaching, then we recommend Rosie Stevens from MPloyable to help. Rosie is industry qualified and backed by an array of 5 star customer recommendations

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