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Do and Don't

Dos and Donts

Here is a list of Red Berry Recruitment’s DO’S and DON’TS that will help you whilst working for us!

The Dos

  • DO be on time or early if you can! Punctuality is liked by clients!
  • DO be cheerful, a smile costs nothing!
  • DO make sure you ask if you are unsure or if you need something to do.
  • DO help others if you have finished what you have been tasked with.
  • DO fill in your timesheet, get it signed and get it to us by 10am the following Monday. It is YOUR responsibility!
  • DO call / text us before your shift starts if you cannot attend work.

Call 07545 641127 (Shepton Mallet Office) 07725 028113 (Yeovil Office) or 07841 919415 (Bridgwater Office)

The more notice you can give us, the better so we can find a replacement!

  • DO dress appropriately you will be told what to wear by your consultant and on your assignment sheet.
  • DO clock in/out or sign in/out if you are required to do so – please don’t forget!
  • DO be flexible – temp work can change quickly so please understand if we have to change something.
  • DO reply to assignment sheets if emailed over – it’s a legal requirement so we NEED your confirmation.

The Don’ts

  • DO NOT be late. If you think you will be please call us.
  • DO NOT be rude. It’s bad manners and the client may not want you back. You are representing us as well as yourself.
  • DO NOT leave jobs for other people to do if you have time and are capable of doing it yourself.
  • DO NOT disturb others who are working.
  • DO NOT forget to get your timesheet in to us by 10am each Monday – no timesheet means delayed pay! There MUST be a signature to confirm your hours worked.
  • DO NOT forget to call us if you are sick, changed your mind or have another reason No show = No work = No money!
  • DO NOT wear the wrong clothes – steel toe caps mean steel toe caps and NOT trainers!
  • DO NOT forget to sign in/out or clock in/out if that is what the company needs you to do to confirm hours
  • DO NOT get ‘Funny’ with the consultants if assignments changes – clients sometimes do cancel at last minute.

Walking Out Of An Assignment

  • If in the unfortunate situation you do not like where we have placed you – DO NOT walk off site or out of the building.
  • Call us – we will see if we can sort out the issue.
  • Ideally we will ask you to work the rest of the day to give us time to get a replacement
  • If you walk off site, you risk not being paid!

Changes Of Bank Details And Personal Details

  • If you move house or change banks, you must inform us.
  • We do not want to have your wages going to the wrong account!
  • We will also need proof of your address change for legal reasons
  • Please make sure you’ve written your email address on the bank details form

Holiday Procedure

  • If you wish to book holiday, please check with the company you work for first then please let your consultant know your requested holiday dates.
  • We will check to see if you have accrued enough in order to be paid and we will check with the client that they are okay with you taking the time off.
  • If you have holiday on a week you are not working, please mark on that day ‘holiday’
  • Your holiday is paid a week in arrears like your normal pay

Sickness Procedure

  • If you are sick, you must call or text the out of hours mobile before you are due to start work. Failure to do so might result in the company not wanting you back.
  • If you are off for more than 3 days, you MUST get a sick note and you MUST call us every day with an update
  • When you complete your timesheet – please put ‘Off Sick’ on the days you were off.

Health and Safety

  • Please be careful if working in an environment that uses machinery, cables , boxes, FLT’s etc and be aware of the companies Health and Safety policy.


  • When you leave, if you have PPE that has not already been deducted this will be taken from your last weekly pay.


  • If you wish to leave or find another job, please inform us – we will let the client know if you are working and let the Accounts Department know to pay you.

Important Disclaimer

  • You will get paid a week in arrears and accrue holiday pay on a weekly basis.
  • You will not be paid if we don’t get valid ID, Proof of address and NI or bank details.

This is a legal requirement

Contact Details

Save to your contact list on your mobile!

Shepton Mallet:  01749 330630   Out of Hours Mobile: 07545 641127

Yeovil:                  01935 432001   Out of Hours Mobile: 07725 028113

Bridgwater:          01278 228107   Out of Hours Mobile: 07841 919415



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