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A Message To Candidates...

22nd November 2018

A Message To Candidates...

Candidates – Please stop messing businesses and recruitment agencies around!

Ok, so people say they want jobs. They say that they are desperate for work. “I will do anything.” “I need to buy my children school clothes.” “I need a job now… please”.

So, we call them for work, we arrange interviews, we give them advice on their CV, we counsel them, we act as HR and advisor and then what…


No Show!

They don’t show!!! No call, no reason? Weird hey, yes and very annoying!

Some even “ghost “ us, never to be seen or heard from again… I just don’t understand it!? Manners… I don’t think so!

Others then call or walk back into the office 6 weeks later as if nothing has happened, expecting us to go through the whole rigmarole again… who do these people think they are?

This is happening more and more, and having spoken to other recruitment agencies of all sizes and in other areas, and lots and lots of  businesses, it is not just the recruitment agencies that are getting messed around.

It appears that people, because they know they are in short demand don’t always feel like being honest and communicating.

I am hearing more and more from people that even an hour before the interview, the consultant has checked in with their candidate, “ yes… I will be there”, “ yes, I will be attending!”, “ no, I have no questions, I am all set to go!” and then….

10 minutes after the interview should be happening we get a call form the client… “Where are they? They are not here!”

There’s No Winners Here

Not only does it make the agency look unprofessional but it’s a huge waste of time for us, the client and potentially someone else that could have taken that interview slot.

Is not just the interviews they don’t show for, temps don’t show for work on their first day… “ my car has broken down, my daughter is ill, I don’t feel well, I have a doctors appointment”

You name it we have heard all the excuses you can think of.

I remember years ago, someone’s son being used as an excuse, “ he has meningitis, we have to go to hospital”. “ OMG” I say, “of course, no problem”.  Later that week I see him in town with his wife. “ I am so sorry to hear about your son”“ What do you mean?” the wife asks. So I explain. I have never seen an angrier woman and a more embarrassed man. Imagine lying and using your ill son as an excuse not to work!


I am not saying all workers and potential workers are like this, they are not.

Many are excellent hard workers, reliable, communicate well and generally just lovely human beings, BUT there are so many that are flaky, rude, not helpful and generally bad mannered.

If you don’t want to work, then don’t apply. Or if you are not going to turn up for work, don’t say yes or at least have the courtesy to call us.

If you aren’t going to attend your interview, don’t say yes

It wastes a lot of time and it really frustrates us, the interviewer, the business and the rest of the team if you let people down

We, alongside the businesses we work with and other recruitment agencies out there are professional. So, if you have any common decency, do us all a favour and stop messing us around, please.

Thank you!


Written by Helen Lacey





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