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Attracting Candidates Using Social Media

30th January 2020

Attracting Candidates Using Social Media

We talk regularly about the importance of candidates ensuring they conduct themselves on social media correctly. But what about employers?

The candidate market is quiet. Unemployment is at record lows and less people are switching jobs at the moment. This means that when a top candidate does come on the market, they don’t stick around long. Companies need to ensure they are portraying the best version of themselves – throughout their brand and communications – in order to attract them. This could be through the benefits you offer. It could be through your interview process. And it is definitely through your social media activity.

Any candidate carrying out due diligence on the company they are applying for will almost certainly check their various social media channels. Normally, this will be Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and, for some businesses, Instagram.

Are you making the right impression? What can you do to improve?

Regular and relevant

Experts suggest that by the end of this year, between them, the Millennial and Gen Z generations will make up over half the workforce. These two generations are digitally native – they have been brought up in a digital world. For them, and nowadays for lots of the older generations, social media is a must.

They want to see social media that is kept up to date regularly, with content that is relevant to the business or the community they are engaging with. Of course, this can be difficult sometimes. Especially for smaller businesses who don’t have a marketing department. But it is important to make time. There are scheduling platforms like Hootsuite which allow you to schedule posts in advance. Try to spend 30 minutes each week scheduling content to go out.

It’s important to remain relevant, though. Posting for the sake of it will just become messy and is unnecessary. Only put out content that is informative and appropriate for your business or industry.

Engaged employees

Showing off engaged, current employees is a great way to paint yourself in a good light online. Your staff are your best brand ambassadors, so let them shine.

This could be done in various ways. Promoting schemes that you carry out to recognise the work of employees is one option. For example, here at Red Berry Recruitment, we have the Top Berry award. This is a quarterly award to the employee who has shown dedication and been supportive.

You can also use images or videos of employees carrying out their roles, talking about what they do or whatever else. Put your happy, engaged employees centre stage – and be creative with it.

Company Culture

Social media is a great way to demonstrate your company’s culture. Working somewhere with a great culture is high on the wish list for prospective employees, so they’ll be looking for clues when scrolling your social media feeds.

You can show off behind-the-scenes activity, perks that staff enjoy, policies or projects that your staff are involved in or all sorts of other things. Use social media almost as a brochure for your business – giving a taster of the workplace at it’s best.

Whilst your content needs to be relevant, it doesn’t always need to be industry or work related. Sharing behind the scenes stuff displays the human side of your company.

Interaction and engagement

Prospective candidates will look to see whether you are interacting with people – potential clients – online. If you are not, it can come across as cold and robotic. A glorified press release, if you like.

If someone comments on one of your posts, reply in a conversational and helpful style. Ignoring their comment may not only put the commenter off your brand, it could also be a red flag to those applying for a role with you.

Getting started

Of course, social media is not easy – but it is important. Regular engaging content that provides information on your industry as well as an insight behind the scenes of your company is time consuming and can be difficult.

However, if you want to improve your brand and make yourself more appealing to potential customers, candidates and clients.

There are lots of workshops about that you can attend. These will give you information and ideas that you can take back and use.

 There are also many companies who will provide you with outsourced marketing services at competitive prices, which may be something to consider. We are blessed in Somerset by have many amazing, kind and helpful small business who provide outsources marketing for many of the local companies. Do some research and get in contact with them for more information.





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