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Blog Post: Work Is Pride by Matthew Dixon, Account Manager/Resourcer, Yeovil Office

6th July 2015

Blog Post: Work Is Pride by Matthew Dixon, Account Manager/Resourcer, Yeovil Office

I want to talk this week about the apparent negative stigma that is attached to working for companies that may not seem as ‘prestigious’ as others. Let me give you an example. I’m sure you can imagine the conversation, it’s certainly one I’ve heard before, where someone will say that they work for a fast food restaurant for example and people turn their noses up. Why is this the case? Why should this have negative connotations attached to it, when being a manager or a director doesn’t? OK so the Director is going to be paid more for sure, but it certainly doesn’t make someone a better person.

I’ve spoken to a lot of people in my time at my job, and many people almost seem embarrassed to say where they work if it’s not quite as prestigious as other people. I am here to tell you that no matter where you work or what you do, no-one has the right to say that you should be any less proud of what you do. The way I see it, if you hold down a job working at a fast food restaurant and you are successfully providing for your family and keeping a roof over their head, that is something to take a great amount of pride in.

It also says a lot about you to a potential employer. Having a work history, regardless of what work you have done says a lot of positive things about you as a person. It says that you are always willing to go that extra mile to make things happen for yourself. OK you may not necessarily like what you do, and don’t get me wrong it’s important to be working somewhere you enjoy in the long term, but if someone asks you why you left your previous job, it sounds much better to say ‘I am looking for a new job to give myself a new challenge’ rather than saying ‘I walked out because I hated it.’ There’s no shame in disliking a job because it’s not a perfect world, but everything has the potential to lead to other things. I was speaking with someone recently who told me about a friend of theirs who worked in McDonalds for three years in order to fund a project they wanted to start, and now they have made millions buying and selling high value properties. Obviously this is quite an extreme example but it illustrates the point.

I want to refer to a point I made in a previous article about teamwork…regardless of what job you are doing, everything has a purpose; every element has to be working towards the same goal or the whole system breaks down. Imagine an 18 wheel lorry with one wheel on sideways. This why there is a lot of pride to be taken in whatever you do, because regardless of how menial you think your job is, the reason the job exists in the first place is help reach an overall positive target; a managing director can’t run a company without a team, and a team can’t do their job without support from the people above so it comes full circle.

No matter what anyone says throughout your life time, you should never feel the need to justify where you work to anyone, regardless of what you do. If it keeps a roof over your family’s head or even if it lets you buy that one thing you have always wanted, you can always hold your head up high.





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