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Building Your Network 

22nd August 2019

Building Your Network 

There are many ways of advancing your career and further yourself. One of the most important is networking. 

There are many ways of advancing your career and further yourself. One of the most important is networking. There are many ways of advancing your career and further yourself. One of the most important is networking. 

As the saying goes – it’s not what you know, but who you know.  But how do you build your network? 

Go networking 

The most important step! 

Try to get out and join some networking groups. Some will be regular, some will be one-off, but it’s important to get out to as many different ones. Try to vary them between groups that are relevant to you industry, relevant to your job function and relevant to your location. This allows you to build a wider and more varied network. 

Keep them relevant, though. Your time is valuable so don’t waste it at networking sessions that will have no benefit to you. 

If you are looking to get out networking, we have a couple of events that might be a good start point. 

Bridgwater’s Breakfast Club is a monthly event in Bridgwater, which would be great for you if you are in the area of the county. BWBC is attended by various local businesses so would be a great opportunity for you to meet others in the vicinity of you. There’s also a great guest speaker every month – check out the next event here. 

If you’re an HR or Hiring Professional, The HR Club could be great for you. It’s a quarterly event with a guest speaker providing expert advice on a topic. This is a great chance to connect with like-minded individuals. Next month’s event has Chloe Ricciardi giving an update on employment law. 

Connect online 

Of more and more importance in the modern world is connecting with your contacts online. Particularly LinkedIn.  

LinkedIn is, quite simply, the online version of a networking event. It allows you to provide updates on your career, projects and opinions on business. You can see other people’s views too. When you meet someone new, connect with them on LinkedIn. You never know whether you’ll need their advice, contacts or knowledge in the future. 

It is also important to get their contact details – email and phone numbers – when you meet them. Although you may be able to connect on social networks, it will not do any harm having the more classic forms of communication to hand! On that note, make sure they have yours too. Get yourself some business cards and keep some on you at all times. You’ll never know when they could come in handy. 

Treat people well 

It’s all very well building that network – but when you need to use it, you’ll need it to work effectively. 

You have to make a good impression on the people you network with. To put it simply, treat people how you would expect to be treated. If you have given nothing of value to your connections – maybe you’ve been rude or unhelpful – you cannot expect them to rush to your aid when you’re in need of help.  

Help people out. Be kind, be useful. Go the extra mile for people. They will remember it, and when the time comes they will do the same for you.   





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