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Candidates Are King

1st November 2018

Candidates Are King

Back in 1999 when I started in recruitment, there where so many candidates to choose from that businesses could afford to go on holiday for 2 weeks, keep candidates waiting for feedback on interviews and gave a 4 week deadline for adverts to be applied to. However, here in 2018 it is just not quite like that anymore.

We have the highest employment rate since 1975 (my birth year, yes a very long time ago!). We have a skill, talent and labour shortage, but still businesses think they can string people along, wait weeks for an interview date, wait even longer to give feedback on CVs or be so choosy whilst they wait for that perfect candidate, that the perfect candidate they saw that they wanted to compare others to, is now no longer available, as they have been snapped up by someone who knows their worth.

Don’t keep the candidate waiting!

Candidates are King. The golden nugget. The golden oracle. Whatever you want to call them, they are in charge!

As businesses, please take advice from your professional recruiters. We do this as a job and we know what we are talking about. So when we say you need to change the job title, or the salary, or the benefits. When we say you need to give us feedback from CVs being sent within 48 hours, when we ask to pencil in interview slots when the vacancy is given to us so you don’t miss out seeing the best candidates, then please listen to us! We do know what we are talking about.

I have seen so many business ‘dilly dally’ with decisions. 2 weeks to make a decision on a CV they would like to see, too late, they have gone! 1, 2 or even 3 weeks for interview feedback… funnily enough… too late, they have had other interviews and companies have got back to them quicker, you have lost out!

So, when you advertise a job yourself and you decide NOT to use the services of a professional agency, please do not put a 2, 3 or 4 weeks deadline on the advert posts. You will lose the best candidates that have applied at the start. They will not wait for you, they will have options! Please also remember that most people are NOT applying. This is where we have to find them and get them interested in a role, this is where a professional recruiter can do this for you! Attract the best talent and keep them warm.

So, a few lessons…

  • Listen to your friendly recruiter, we actually know a few things about recruitment.
  • Be advised by them, that’s what you are paying us for!
  • The perfect person MIGHT NOT EXIST, be flexible in your wish list!
  • Don’t put lengthy deadline dates on adverts, the best ones will not wait!
  • Reply to CVs if you like them within 48 hours- MAX!




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