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Choosing the best candidate

1st August 2019

Choosing the best candidate

Choosing the best candidate to hire can be a tough choice. And it can be a costly mistake if it goes wrong. A report carried out by Oxford Economics suggests it could cost over £30,000 to replace an employee. So it’s important you get it right.

Regardless of the process you use to hire your staff – whether you use an agency or keep it in house – the final decision is yours. You will need to decide which candidate is the best option, will fit in best and is most likely to succeed in the role.

In order to get the right employee, make sure you consider these three important matters.

Consider your company’s needs

Throughout the process, you should be considering your company’s needs.

This starts before the vacancy is even created. What do you require from the role? Is it a replacement or is it a new role? If it’s a new role, how’s it going to slot into the company structure? If it’s a replacement, will the role remain the same or will it entail some new aspects? It’s vital to ensure that you know exactly what you want from the new hire.

Whilst the process is in place, you must consider the sort of person you are looking for. Ask yourself – will they fit into the team? The last thing you want is to hire an individual who clashes with other members of the team and cause animosity.

Remember – an employee’s personality is just as important as their experience and qualifications!

Judge candidates by same standard

Make sure you uphold all candidates to the same standard.

We know this sounds obvious but lots of hiring managers don’t! Don’t let yourself become biased before you meet them.

One candidate may have more qualifications than another, or more relevant experience, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they are a better fit for the job. If you are going into the interview with a closed mind, it could lead to you missing out on the perfect candidate.

Open your mind and judge each interviewee on their merits. Only by doing that will you hire the best candidate.

Don’t take too long

This is vital in the current recruitment market.

There is a huge skill shortage across the majority of sectors. The very best candidates are in high demand, so will get snapped up quickly.

Don’t let the talent get frustrated and lose interest, or find something. Make sure you hiring process is concise and relevant to keep them interested.

On the other hand, of course, you should never rush into a decision. This could leave you making a bad hire. It’s a tough balance to strike, but if you get it right you will make sure you get the right candidate.





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