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Dont count your chickens before they have hatched!

20th November 2009

Dont count your chickens before they have hatched!

Red Berry has had a fantastic week this week, over 100 temps working and numerous permanent jobs taken and filled. The market is certainly looking more buoyant! However, we would have made more placements if candidates had thought more about the job they where attending interviews for! After 3 interviews for a night warehouse manager’s job, the client offered to our candidate. After many whoops whoops from myself and my consultant we had a call back from the candidate to say he was decline the offer as it was a night shift role…Mmm….the clue is the title of the job and 3 interviews later, what a waste of time! The same day, a candidate who had been crying saying she was desperate for work, after being offered a fabulous role for an exclusive designer handbag company the candidate declined as the lunch break was not long enough for her to go back and look after her dog and then…to top the week off……the lab manager that we have been searching for for months for a client decided that they where going to start where they where, even though they had signed the contract…not the best week…why can people not just make their minds up and stick to their decisions! Sadly the whoops of joy changed to huffs of disappointment!!





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