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Don't Spook Your Recruiter: Three Things To Avoid When Applying For A Job

31st October 2019

Don't Spook Your Recruiter: Three Things To Avoid When Applying For A Job

A recruiter can be your biggest asset in a job hunt. They simplify the system, organise everything for you and act as your biggest cheerleader. They want you to get the job – so don’t spook them! Here’s three things to avoid doing if you want to make maximum use of a recruiter.

Don’t ghost them

Remember that recruiters are busy people. They are trying to contact lots of different people about lots of different jobs. Once you’ve applied, they will almost certainly need to talk to you on the phone, to discuss the roles, your skills and your availability further.

Don’t avoid them! Make it easy for them to contact you. Always include your phone number on an application. If there are certain times of the day that you will be unable to speak – or times that would be better for you – then let them know.

If a recruiter is phoning you time and time again and you’re avoiding the calls, it’s going to frustrate them. In most cases, they won’t be able to put your CV forward to an employer until they have talked to you, so don’t make them wait! Before you know it, it could be too late.

If you miss their first call, ring them back at your earliest convenience. Alternatively, if you have their email address, drop them a line telling them when you will ring them back, or giving them a better time to call you.

If you keep ghosting them, they’ll put you to the back of the queue.

Don’t dress your CV up!

Your CV is your chance to make yourself stand out from all the rest of the applicants. Of course, you want it to show you in the best light. However, there are things to avoid doing.

Firstly, don’t tell any lies. You will get found out. Be honest about your experience and the skills and qualifications you possess. Lying on your CV will only be detrimental to your job search – and it’s a slippery slope. When asked about it, either by the recruiter or in the interview, you may be able to cover it up with more lies. But what if you get the job and they find out you are unable to do it? It’s not a good look.

Secondly, don’t try and overdo your CV with fancy writing, bright colours or pictures. Your CV should only be two pages long, and that should be filled with information about you and your work. Use a serious font, such as Calibri or Arial, don’t include a photo on it and make sure you have a respectable email address.

Dressing your CV in a costume may seem like a good idea at the time, but it will not pay off.

Don’t clown around

Don’t apply for a job if you don’t have relevant skills or experience, or it’s above your paygrade. You are only wasting both yours and the recruiter’s time.

When you are searching for jobs, there’s plenty of things you can look for to judge whether it’s right for you. Look at the job responsibilities – are they similar to what you’re doing now or what you have trained for? Look at the requirements – do you have the requisite experience, qualifications or skills? Look at the salary – is it the sort of salary that matches your experience and qualifications (our Salary Survey can help you get an idea of the sort of salary you should be looking for)? If the answer to these is no – it’s probably not the write job for you.  

If you are applying for a job that’s not right for you, you’re wasting time that could be spent applying for relevant jobs. And if a recruiter is receiving your CV for a job you’re not suitable for, the chances are it’s going straight in the bin!

Time is precious, make the most of it and don’t clown around!





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