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Fees & Costs

1st November 2016

Fees & Costs

When using Red Berry Recruitment to recruit, we charge one of 2 ways. The first, if you have temps, you will be billed weekly for the number of hours the temp/s have worked.

The hourly charge rate is calculated by their hourly pay + national insurance + holiday pay + pension contribution + mark-up.

This agreed charge rate is then multiplied by the hours the candidate has worked then VAT is added. Even though we pay the candidate weekly, we at Red Berry allow our clients 30 days on each invoice to pay us.

If a client has used us for a permanent placement, the percentage of the candidates’ salary would have been agreed before the candidate commences work. Once checked in, an invoice is sent, the client has 14 days to pay.

If invoices are outstanding, credit control will call to chase for payment and a letter will be sent in order to make sure Red Berry get paid for their services.

On a permanent basis, there are rebates in place should the candidate not work out.

There is a third option which is temp to perm. This is when a client is charged on a temporary basis then either a fee is paid to transfer the temp or it is free. This is normally negotiated at the time of the booking being placed, though often a company likes the temp we have placed and we look at options of taking that candidate on permanently.

By Helen Lacey, MD of Red Berry Recruitment Ltd





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