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Finding The Right Career

5th April 2018

Finding The Right Career

Choosing the right career path to go down can be a hard decision. Whether you’re setting out at the beginning of your working life, or looking to switch career later in life, finding the correct profession for you is incredibly tough.

In this week’s blog, we offer up some three tips on finding the right career.

Think About What You Enjoy

Firstly, think about the things you enjoy. Consider your passions, your hobbies and you interests. Is there anything there that could lead to a potential career?

Given the amount of time we spend at work, it inevitably takes over our lives. It is therefore important to find a career that you are enthusiastic about. Working in a role that you find mundane, that does not satisfy you, can be harmful for both your physical and mental health.

Finding a career that energises you and matches your interests increases the likelihood of success.

Analyse Your Skills

Have a look at what skills you have – what do you do well? Working out what you’re good at will be massively helpful in deciphering the right career path.

Are you creative? You may look do go down a design or marketing route.

Physically strong?

Labouring or construction work may be right for you. Good with numbers? Perhaps you could become an accountant or bookkeeper.

Analysing your skills will help you find the perfect job to kick-start, or restart your career.

Search For Ideas

You may still be struggling to find the right career, even after exploring your skills and interests. That’s perfectly common. There may be a profession out there that matches these that you’re not aware of, or you may be interested in something that you didn’t consider.

It is important to have a look around. Given the power of the internet, it is perfectly easy to search didn’t jobs and professions and have a look at what is involved in them. A quick Google search even throws up quizzes you can take, which assesses your interests and attributes and provides you with suggested careers. Spend a few hours browsing the internet and you may well find you come across the perfect career for you.





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