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Gaining Extra Qualifications

19th September 2019

Gaining Extra Qualifications

Gaining extra qualifications is greatly helpful to your career.

As well as experience, many employers are looking for qualifications and transferrable skills.

Qualifications are an excellent display of knowledge and skills you possess. They could be specific to the role you perform – in some cases they may be a requirement for a role or a promotion.


Alternatively, they could be more general qualifications in something like first aid or using a type of software.

Specific Qualifications

Specific qualifications could come in any form: degree, NVQ, apprenticeship or a governing body award. These are useful in demonstrating knowledge that you’ve acquired that will help you in your career.

Some roles may require you to hold a relevant qualification – for example a role in medicine usually requires a degree, or an accountant would normally need to have passed some AAT courses.

Other roles – for example plumbing or bricklaying – normally require qualifications gained through apprenticeships. This is even more beneficiary, as you are gaining a qualification and experience.

Alternatively, a role may just ask that candidates hold a certain level of qualification. Some jobs may only accept candidates that have degree, although do not specify a particular degree.

General Qualifications

General qualifications aren’t necessarily related to your job, but that doesn’t mean that aren’t helpful.

You could gain a first aid qualification, complete a Microsoft Office Certification, or take a course in a whole range of subjects.

Why are these helpful? The reason is two-fold.

Firstly, the things you learn when gaining these qualifications are likely to help you at some point in your life – both professionally and personally. In fact, in the case of a first aid qualification, it could even save someone’s life!

Secondly, it shows your employer – or potential employer – that you are keen to improve your skillset. Many of these general qualifications would be completed out of work or study, which shows a wish to use your free time for personal development. The desire to continuously learn and develop is extremely attractive to employers. It shows a certain type of personality trait which is useful for businesses.

Get Qualified!

Building up a bank of qualifications will do your career no harm. Whilst it is not a necessity, then benefits more than make up for the time expenditure. In cases where you have similar experience and qualities to another candidate, your qualification in Microsoft Excel or the first aid course you completed could be the deciding factor in getting you a job.





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