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Happiness At Work

26th September 2019

Happiness At Work

This week is International Week of Happiness at Work.

This is a massively important topic. Research shows that if employees are happy at work, their productivity increases by 31%. Happier employees become more engaged, more creative and more innovative. They are less likely to miss days and their stress levels will be lower.


What makes employees happy?

Given that everyone is motivated and satisfied by different things, this is an impossible question to answer. There are a few things that employers can do to enhance happiness, however.

We recently ran a poll on Twitter, asking followers what made them happy at work. We gave four options: financial rewards, gaining recognition, spending time with colleagues and achieving results. The results showed that that just over a third found getting results to be the most satisfying, with gaining recognition getting the same number of votes.

This is in line with research done in employee engagement, which suggests that recognition as well as setting and achieving goals and there best ways to keep employees motivated and happy. Nine out of ten employees said they’re motivated by feedback.

What can employers do to create a happy workplace?

Firstly, it’s important to recognise that every individual has their own motivators and will find happiness in different places. It is therefore crucial that managers consider each person as unique.

However, there are changes that can make to the workplace that will help boost morale. Cutting out unnecessary rules, simplifying procedures and creating a comfortable environment (real sunlight, healthy air, space, plants and ergonomic equipment can all help this).

It is also important to involve your staff. Creating a sense of ‘family’ may seem cliché, but it makes a difference. Holding simple team building events such as picnics at lunch, or going out for a drink after work, can have a positive impact. It is also important to trust your employees. Trusting them will give them a sense of worth, leading to happiness. Also, do not overwork them. Having a healthy work life balance will destress employees, automatically making them happier.

Most importantly, make sure you give your employees regular feedback on their work, involve them in decisions when appropriate and celebrate their successes. It is incredible what the power of self-worth will have on an individual’s morale. Harness that, help them and you will be able to create a happier, more productive workplace.

The benefits of a happy workplace

The benefits are endless. Higher productivity, more cooperation, more success, more loyalty. Happier colleagues are better colleagues.

A happy workplace will be a more profitable workplace. It will also be a more attractive workplace. Employees who are happy at work are more likely to talk about it positively to others. When you are looking to recruit, the best candidates will be attractive to a working environment that is happy, positive and cooperative.

Think about how you can create a happier workplace – this may even include asking your employees what you could do to help. Then reap the rewards.





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