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How can you attract the best candidates?

8th August 2019

How can you attract the best candidates?

Candidates are in short supply. With unemployment at its lowest in almost half a century, the best candidates are getting snapped up quickly. There are skill shortages across many industries, meaning businesses are struggling to find adequate employees.

This means employers are required to act quickly to get the best hires. But first, you have to attract them.

Write clear job adverts

The first step to attracting the best candidate to your role is to create a clear job advert.

Make sure it includes all the logistical information. This means things like location, contact length, salary, benefits (more on that later!) and how to apply. These things matter, so need to be clear and obvious in the job advert.

Ensure that the job description and person specification are accurate, clear and relevant. When looking at a job advert, the applicant wants to know what the role entails and what sort of person they are looking for. If your descriptions are muddled and clunky, it is likely to put candidates of. Detail (preferably in bullet points) some of the main tasks they will be undertaking in the role. Detail the experience you are looking for, any qualifications you may require and any further personal qualities you are want in a candidate. Making it obvious what you are looking for will help attract that person.

Shout about the benefits

It is more and more commonplace in modern times for candidates to expect decent benefits from a company. Whether it is a decent pension scheme, bonuses, flexible working, healthcare or discounted gym membership benefits can be a major draw. This is particularly pertinent for younger, millennial candidates.

Whatever you offer, shout about it. Shout about it in your job advert and when you speak to the candidate. If you can offer a great benefits package, you will have great candidates running to you.

Our salary survey has some great information on the type of benefits applicants find desirable.

Keep the interview process concise

Some businesses interview processes are simply too long. There’s not many candidates about. They won’t wait. Keep the interview process as short as possible, make sure all elements of it are relevant and stay in communication with the candidate throughout.

If they don’t hear from you for a week or so, they will lose interest, or they will have been offered something else in that time. If it is going to take you a week or so to make a decision, keep in contact with them and make sure they are aware of this.

The whole process – from application to job offer – should take no longer than four weeks.

Work on your branding and reputation

You brand and its reputation are so vital. A bad rep will scare off candidates. In fact, 77% of candidates have said they are unlikely to apply for a company if they have a bad online reputation. Equally, 69% said they consider the brand’s strength when deciding whether or not to accept a job offer.

Work hard on having fresh, clean branding. Engage with your customers, provide them with help and good quality customer service. Build your reputation. Then you will find yourself attracting the best employees.





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