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How can your business be more environmentally friendly?

17th October 2019

How can your business be more environmentally friendly?

Climate Change is one of the biggest crises facing the world right now. Millions have taken to the street to protest for urgent political change and more action from large corporations.

However, it’s not just larger organisations and Government who can make a change, we all have a role to play.

This week’s blog looks at five changes your business can make to become greener.


Go paperless

Getting rid of – or even reducing – paper in the office is a great way to start.

Use of paper has risen by 400% in the last 40 years. The result? More and more trees getting cut down. Worldwide deforestation has taken place, in the main to support the ever-increasing production of paper. But this has major problems for the environment. Trees play a critical role in absorbing the CO2 from the atmosphere. Cutting them down – paired with paper manufacturers emitting huge amounts of CO2 in production – is one of the leading factors in the rising CO2 levels, leading to numerous other issues.

Using less – or no – paper is a small way to help reduce this. If something doesn’t need to be printed off, don’t print it. Try to digitalise your filing and storage systems, meaning things don’t need to be printed off to be archived. Try using services such as DocuSign to complete deals – a completely paperless way of signing documents that you can use on any device. Reuse scrap paper instead of using fresh pieces. All these changes – as well as many other things you can do – help to make a difference.

Encourage Carpool and Cycle to Work

Encourage your employees to carpool or cycle to work.  Many businesses now offer incentives to those employees use more environmentally friendly modes of transport. For example, often companies will offer the cycle to work scheme as part of their benefits package. This allows employees to buying cycling equipment to use for the commute, paying it back in tax-free monthly instalments. Find out more about how the Cycle To Work scheme works.

Encouraging employees to carpool is also a great way to help the environment. If two or more of them can share the commute, not only is it more efficient, it will save them money!

More people sharing lifts or cycling to work, means less cars on the road!


Recycle as much as you can! Install clearly labelled recycling bins throughout the office or workplace and encourage your employees to use them as much as they can.

Also, if you manufacture or sell products, try to ensure that the packaging is recyclable.

Sustainable supply chain

Following on from using recyclable packaging, look at your supply chain.

Are you using ethically sourced, green materials? How far are materials travelling before they reach your production line? Is your production line energy efficient?

Try to source and use local materials, look at the transport links they use and look in to ensuring your equipment is modern and efficient. These will all help you become greener.

Replace old equipment with energy efficient

Though this may not be financially viable, updating your equipment is an important step in becoming cleaner. It may be something you have to do gradually over time, but it will be beneficial in the long run, making your production line greener, cleaner and more energy efficient!





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