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How to use a recruitment agency and get a better job

15th April 2015

How to use a recruitment agency and get a better job

Recruitment agencies are here to help, offering advice and skill development as well as helping you in your search for work.

The benefits of using a recruitment agency

Looking for work can sometimes seem an impossible task, but recruitment agencies can help you find the perfect vacancy for you, whatever position you’re looking for. Benefits include:

  • Exclusive vacancies – Many jobs advertised through agencies aren’t available elsewhere
  • Training and advice – Recruitment agencies have contacts and expertise to help you prepare for interviews and develop your skills
  • Time saving – Let recruiters spend their time hunting for the right vacancy for you while you concentrate on fine-tuning your CV
  • You won’t be on your own – Looking for work can feel very isolating. By using a recruitment agency, you’ll have someone on your side helping you to secure a great interview
  • Professional skills analysis – After meeting you face-to-face and studying your CV, recruiters are able to analyse your skills and know which jobs you will be best suited to

How do recruitment agencies work?

As a jobseeker, using a job agency is usually free, giving you access to information and expertise you might not have on your own.

If you’ve not seen a specific vacancy that appeals to you, recruitment agencies can still help.

We will set up an interview with you to find out more about the skills and experience you can offer as well as the type of job you’re looking for. We’ll then hunt for relevant positions and let you know what we find.

Career progression

Consultants can also help you work out a career progression plan to guide you along the way to your dream job.

Climbing the career ladder doesn’t always go to plan and can take time, but that doesn’t mean you should give up.

Benefits of temporary work

You may find you need to work elsewhere to earn money while waiting for the opportunity to bag your dream job.

A good option is to look for temporary work, which recruitment agencies can help you find. The key to temp work is to be flexible and take on assignments as they are offered.

Do this and the likelihood of an agency finding you a permanent job increases.

Using a recruitment agency for the first time

In order for recruitment consultants to help you, you need to help yourself. First impressions count, and while you are not attending an actual job interview, the first time you enter a recruitment agency you will undergo an interview and should behave appropriately.

Dress to impress

Turning up in jeans and a t-shirt will suggest you are not serious about finding work. Trousers or a skirt with a smart top or shirt are more appropriate.

If you are interested in senior positions, a suit is the best option

Make sure your body language is positive

Stand up straight, make eye contact during your interview and don’t slouch when you sit down

Take the interview seriously and never lie

Lying will not help you in the long run and recruitment agencies are experts at spotting fibs. Be completely honest about your skills and experience and let the consultant know what kind of job you are looking for.

Act upon the recruitment consultant’s advice

Always be polite and heed all advice. The consultants know what is required and what employers are looking for. If you decide to go against the advice you may find it very difficult to find a job placement.

Be realistic

While you may have ideas about finding your dream job, you will need to be realistic. You may need to work in a less desirable position to earn money while waiting for other opportunities.





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