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Mental Preparation For An Interview

6th June 2019

Mental Preparation For An Interview

Once you’ve secured an interview, preparation is key. 

Researching the company, the role and what they are looking for is all part of the vital prep you need to do. You can read some tips to help you with interviews here.

But it is also important to prepare yourself, mentally.

Director magazine recently featured an article by Lindsey Maclean looking at eight ways to mentally prepare yourself. We digest them here.

Get Moving

If you are nervous before your interview, get moving. Go for a walk or a run. This will help wake up your body, freshen up my mind and get you in the zone for your interview.

Shake Out Tension

As Taylor Swift once said ‘shake it off, shake it off‘! 

Go into a private room, toilet or anywhere you can be alone and shake! Though it sounds odd, shaking your limbs will help to loosen them up. And that will loosen you up and release the tension from your body and mind.

Power Pose

We’re sure you’re all familiar with photos of politicians pulling a ‘power pose’ – but it actually works!

Open up, stand tall and hold your head high. This will help you feel more powerful and, by extension, more confident. It’s important to go into your interview feeling confident.

Mobilise Mates

Identify your more energetic, positive friends and spend time with them in the build up. 

Spending time around these people will help to bring your mood up. Positivity is crucial going into your interview.

Lightbulb Moment

Before going into your interview, take a moment for yourself. Stand in front of a mirror and take a look at yourself. Switch on the light bulb inside your head. Get your ideas flowing and your mind sharp and ready to attack the interview!


It sounds simple, but it’s so, so important. Smile at everyone you meet as you go into the office and the interview – you never know who they could be. You could walk past the Chief Executive without knowing – so you want to make a good first impression.

Additionally, smiling will naturally help improve your mood and lead to you going into the interview positively.

Just Be

Take five minutes to yourself and just relax. Find yourself a quiet spot and be in the moment. This will help to focus your mind on the task ahead by taking away some of the distractions.

And Breathe

Finally, simply take a few deep breaths. Breathe from the bottom of your stomach in long, smooth breaths. This will help to calm you down and leave you ready to smash your interview!


We hope this helps you with your interview preparation. Good luck!





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