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Older Generation

5th February 2019

Older Generation

According to research by PwC, only 64% of people aged 55-64 in the UK are in employment.

Given the lack of candidates available in the current job market, in tandem with the growth of job vacancies, isn’t it time this changed?

Here at Red Berry Recruitment, we think it is. That’s why we want to promote the older workforce.

Older workers want stability. They are less likely to look to switch jobs. They’ve acquired experience, skills and maturity over the years that help grow your business. According to research from Capita Resourcing, 94% of employers believe that older people could be key to bridging the skills gap. So why are only 23% actively seeking to recruit people over 50?

The recruitment industry, whether consciously or not, is filled with underlying ageism. Younger people are generally looked for when people are looking for jobs. But we want to help end that. Have a read of Helen Lacey’s recent blog explaining the benefits of employing older staff.

We believe that older workers can be the answer to filling the UK’s talent gap. And we want to help. If you are an older worker looking for a job, contact your nearest office today to see how we can help you.





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