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RBR Salary Survey

4th July 2019

RBR Salary Survey

We have recently released the latest edition of our RBR Salary Survey.

But what is it and – more importantly – how can it help you?

What is the RBR Salary Survey?

The RBR Salary Survey is a document compiled using data collected from permanent and temporary employees we have placed across the South West of England. It collates information such as job roles, salary, job satisfaction and much more.

Using this data, we are able to suggest minimum, maximum and average salaries for a wide range of roles across various industries. Of course, due to the size of the sample, this data can only be used as a guide. 

The Salary Survey also contains info-graphics detailing job roles, satisfaction, benefits and more. 

How can the Salary Survey help you?

How the Salary Survey can help you depends on whether you are an employer or an employee. 

For employers, it provides information on the sort of salary you should be paying a new hire. This is particularly helpful if you are creating a new role within the company and need to make a more informed decision on the salary you should offer. The info-graphics also help. These provide an idea of the sort of benefits candidates find most desirable and the salary range the results in the highest job satisfaction. Happiness at work is vital, leading to more engaged, productive employees, so getting this right is crucial. 

For employees, or candidates looking for a new role, if gives an idea of the sort of salary you should expect to be paid. As previously mentioned, the sample size means that this can only be used as a rough guide. 

It is also important that both parties consider experience levels when using the results of this survey. There are no specific guidelines within each job role as to what the experience level is. Therefore, if the candidate has a higher level of experience, they can look towards to higher end of the range and visa versa for those less experienced.

 Take a look at the Salary Survey here and if you have any questions or queries, please do get in touch!





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