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Recruitment In 2019

17th January 2019

Recruitment In 2019

As we settle into the third week of 2019, normality is officially back following the festive break (are we at the stage where we stop wishing each other a ‘Happy New Year yet?!)!

As we look ahead to what 2019 has in store, it is important to consider what dangers, what trends and most importantly what opportunities there are in the world of recruitment.

Social Media

Yes – social media has been important to the recruitment process for years. But it will continue to increase in importance through 2019 and it would be silly to underestimate the impact it can have.

Social Media is important to both the employer and the potential employee – how they use will hugely affect their recruitment process. Through 2018, tech giants including Facebook and Google recognised the growth in the use of social media for recruitment. They both brought in new features – Google Jobs and Facebook Job Posting. These features have provided a pathway between employer and potential employee. Any developments to these in 2019 could have a big effect on the process.

Social media is also, of course, a great way for businesses to get their name, personality and culture out there. When applying for a job, many candidates will search the company on social media, to look for an indication of what it is like to work there. If you are recruiting in 2019, make sure your social channels are on point!

The same applies in reverse. Almost every recruiter, HR professional or whoever is in charge of recruitment for the business will search you social media channels when you apply for a job. As a candidate it is imperative that you don’t have anything that could be considered improper in the public domain. Make your accounts private, post sensibly and be clever online. Otherwise, you could find yourself discounted from any candidate shortlists.

Company Brand and Culture

We cannot understate how important a companies branding is in 2019. It is a way to stand out, a means of attracting candidates and encouraging them to apply for your roles.

We are currently in a candidate short market. The best candidates are getting snapped up instantly. Therefore, how a businesses public image comes across is incredibly important. Your use of advertising, marketing and sales should convey a positive brand image, promote a welcoming company culture and show you as an attractive company to work for.

Younger generations are now massively concerned about the ethos and values of the company they work for – it has to be attractive to them. If you want to attract the best, you have got to consider how you appear to them.

Proactive Recruitment

Recent stats from the REC show that only 36% of potential candidates are actually looking for jobs. Almost 2/3rds are passive candidates. In a candidate short market, it puts even more emphasis on the need for proactive recruitment.

Any recruitment agency, HR professional or hiring manager needs to find candidates. They are not coming to you. In order to search for the best candidates, you need to use all avenues available to you. Many potential candidates will be open to discussing new roles, but will not be out their actively trying to apply for them.

You will have to be proactive and do the searching in order to find them.

The ‘B’ Word


We’re sure you’ve heard this word enough times, but the biggest constitutional issue of our times will have an impact on every industry, in one way or the other.

The uncertainty caused by Brexit is the biggest problem for recruitment. The will they, won’t they situation we are currently in means no business really knows what the situation will be after 29th March.

Will we have a deal? Will we have no deal? Will we have General Election? Will we even have Brexit? No one actually knows they answer.

Companies are therefore being cautious with their recruiting. Manufacturing businesses in particular do not know what the trade situation will be, so do not want to commit to hiring new staff. Until this is all cleared up, many businesses will hold off on recruiting staff.

So those are the four factors that we think will have a big impact on recruitment in 2019. What do you think? Is there anything we are missing? What trends do you think will have an effect on the recruitment process this year?





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