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Technology and Networking

26th October 2017

Technology and Networking

For those of you that don’t know me, I like networking!

I have spent the past 18 years of my life in recruitment – networking and meeting people, making connections and learning. I love it! So I thought I would write about two events that I have been to recently that even though different topics and speakers both had the same underlying them – Technology is taking over the world!

Kevin Green, CEO of the Recruitment and Employment Confederation spoke about a labour, talent and skills crisis that we are currently experiencing and will continue to experience for a long while in the UK. Brexit is having a huge effect on decisions, people are returning to their native countries, unemployment is at the lowest since records began and on top of all this technology such as driverless cars and voice recognition could eliminate thousands and thousands of jobs! So just how do we recruit if there is no-one to recruit and how do we train if we don’t know what jobs there will be in the future? Some pretty big questions to answer I think you’ll agree.

In the same week I was also lucky to attend a breakfast event where the speaker Simon Cattell from Access Performance Solutions talked about and demonstrated technology with regards to Virtual Reality. OMG – it was is amazing! Not being a tech buff myself I was amazed at what it could be used for. Imagine showing your candidates what the environment they will be working in is like from the luxury of the office desk or even in their homes! Nurses could help deliver virtual babies in their training and construction workers could see the joists and roofs in 3D without having to look at the drawings… The possibilities are endless!

So if like me, networking and meeting people is something that you love, I wonder if this will be done via VR in the future, so we can all stay at home in our PJs but somehow be transported (virtually) to a networking meeting… I will leave you with that thought?!





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