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Temporary Work Over The Festive Period

8th November 2018

Temporary Work Over The Festive Period

As Supermarkets begin to premiere their Christmas adverts, it’s time to accept that yet another festive period is just round the corner!

December is traditionally linked with spending money on presents, food and socialising. However, for many, it can be a profitable time of year.

You may have seen our Facebook Live on this topic yesterday. If not, you can watch it here. Alternatively, below we detail the sorts of jobs that are created and the benefits of taking temp work over Christmas.

Which industries are these jobs created in?

Over the festive period, hundreds of thousands of temporary jobs are created. The Royal Mail alone recruit over 20,000 short-term employees to deal with the added rush.

With the added social events, Christmas shopping, deliveries and various other stresses that are placed on businesses over this period, many rely on temporary staff to meet the demand.

Many industries require additional staff. However, the most common ones include hospitality, retail and warehouse. They create numerous jobs through November, December and in many cases January.

So what are the benefits?

The main benefit is the depth of extra hour’s available. Extra hours mean extra money. For example, a delivery warehouse seeing hundreds of thousands of parcels pass through are going to require people to work as much as possible (within legal limits, of course). At what is an extremely expensive time of the year, these extra hours can be massively beneficial. Temporary work is also paid weekly, meaning you’ve got money coming in regularly to help you deal with it.

University students who are looking to earn some money over their Christmas break can be major beneficiaries of this short term work. It is non-binding, offers freedom and flexibility and is a good way of making some beer money! Furthermore, though the role may not be something you are looking for in the long term, the experience you gain could help in future jobs.





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