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The June Extravaganza

9th June 2010

The June Extravaganza

June has been a busy month for Red Berry, with birthdays, radio interviews and charity events! The month started off with our very own Natalie White turning 21 and a bit, so congratulations to her for reaching the grand age of 30!

At the beginning of June Helen attended ‘The Royal Bath and West Show’, where she was asked to speak live on air with Somerset Valley FM’s very own Emma Britton about First impressions and how it affects candidates at interview level. The conversation somehow continued into shoes…at which point men went into a daze and women turned up their radios. Helen then went off on her travels to the Federation of Small Businesses stand for the rest of the day to promote the ‘Green it, Mean it!” campaign for the federation. Helen had a great day out and the weather was more than generous for the rest of the Bath and West event!

June held a time for raising money, starting off with the Chamber of Commerce quiz, held at the Thatched Cottage in Shepton Mallet. The Red Berry team was entered into the quiz to try and repeat the grand success we had last year of coming…well last…at the Federation of Small Businesses Quiz! We are pleased to announce we did not come off any worse than our last appearance at a quiz! However I feel slightly handicapped that with a team member who gets excited after being told about the joker card that gives double point and continuing to say; “that’s great let’s use it for every round…!”. After receiving an outburst of uncontrolled belly laughter…I did explain that this was not really the point of a single joker card…! But anyways the Quiz was entertaining and a great success for the Christmas Lights Fund, so thank you to Libby Rae and the Chamber of Commerce for a great night.

Helen however was not in attendance to the Chamber of Commerce quiz but was definitely not slacking off at the gym! Helen was invited by Christine Cryne of the Charity ‘Brainwave’ to an open evening to show it’s helpers and supporters where the money that had been raised had been spent. Helen said;

“It was a very moving experience to hear the stories about the families whose children, suffer from brain injury and what they go through to rehabilitate themselves. As a company, we will certainly be looking at what else we can do to help support this well worthy cause”.

June also held the Great Glastonbury Festival, attended by so many it brought most of Shepton to a stand still. A manic week for the office staff of Red Berry but a great one for those of the staff, candidates and clients who went down to enjoy the festivities. Apparently also known for a few potential workers of Red Berry as; ‘Communal Ill week’. With Helen attending the Festival we were without our fearless leader! However she was not only enjoying herself, Helen was flying the flag OF Red Berry….Literally..! Helen, deciding she needed to be able to find her tent again (which is usually helpful) had decided to laminate a wall planner of the Red Berry team…losing what ‘street cred’ any of the team had left. However the flag must have worked because Helen never got lost…how could she, with all our beaming smiles lighting her path!

Now with June recently passed, we can move on into the greatest month of them all….July (my birthday, excepting all present now)! On behalf of Red Berry, we hope you all have a great few weeks ahead and updates to follow shortly!

Craig Skinner






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