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Tweet or not to tweet, that’s the question

25th March 2015

Tweet or not to tweet, that’s the question

Did you rush to set up a Twitter account that now lays dormant? For many of us the answer is yes. When celebrities started tweeting we all jumped on the blue bird band wagon intent on sharing our inner most thoughts with anyone with an internet connection.

The problem is that, apart from friends and family, no one really wants to know that you bought a pineapple or that you slept in and miss your morning jog. Personal tweets can be a little flat,  Business twitter, on the other hand, is a different bird all together.

 Social media has exploded into the marketing mix and, like it or not, it can be a useful and free tool to not only get your business out there but to also research potential customers and gain industry insight.

 Your business should have its own twitter. No matter what you do or what you sell, your market is out there waiting for you to talk and interact with them. So how do you go about using twitter as a business tool? Well first thing first. You start an account as your business. Make sure that your name is accurate and easy to find. There’s no point in having a handle that bears no connection to your company. Next, the bio. Do fill one in. It can be the deciding factor as to whether someone follows you or not. You don’t get many characters here, so make it concise and meaningful. Use key words about the type of industry you are in and who you sell to. Add in your website, location and upload a jpeg logo and make sure it is the right size for the space.

 You also have your background to think of. This can be a standard pre-loaded one but is much more memorable if you create your own. So what do you talk about? Well stay clear of the pineapple purchase; unless of course you sell them. Try not to make all your tweets too sales orientated and endeavour to at least tweet once a day. Perhaps a product review or an expert opinion on a new technology; maybe start a discussion with your followers.

 You can always retweet another’s post that you think your followers might enjoy. How do you gain followers? Big question? The basics are to just tweet. even if no one is following you at the time, start talking. It is like setting down a soapbox in the street. You may be talking to yourself for a bit but eventually people will crowd around to see what’s happening.

 Keep it positive. We get enough doom and gloom. Try to keep your tweets upbeat and always bear in mind that anyone and everyone can see them. Get involved with trending topics, use hash tags and follow others in your industry. Include tweet offers on products and services to encourage your followers to act and don’t forget you can direct message people too. Follow us on twitter @RedBerryRec






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