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What Do Hiring Managers Look For?

20th June 2019

What Do Hiring Managers Look For?

We’ve done various blogs on preparing for job interviews. Research, mental preparation and making sure you look the part are all extremely relevant pieces of preparation. However, another thing to consider is what the hiring manager is looking for.

Your skills and experience may be perfect for a job, but prospective employers are looking for more than that.


Soft Skills

Soft skills are general personal traits that are not job specific. One of the most common soft skills is communication. Communication is the foundation of everything that gets done at work, so hiring managers will be looking for strong communicators. Make sure you display yours during your interview. 

Show that you are organised. Hiring managers are looking for proof that you are able to meet deadlines and track priorities. Use examples if you have them. 

Accuracy is so vital in the workplace. Hiring managers are looking for people that display attention to detail and chase perfection in their work. You can display this through your knowledge of the job you are going for and examples from previous work. Also, display attentiveness to the interviewer. Focus on them and the questions they are asking, avoid distractions and maintain a good level of eye contact.


Make sure you display your personality. Whilst interviewers will want to see your skills and ability, they also want to make sure you will fit into the company. Look into the company’s culture and think about how you would fit into it, then display this in your interview. 

A candidate’s personality is one of the most important things many interviewers look for. Skills can be learnt, but the right type of personality cannot. Be confident, outgoing and polite – show yourself in the best light.

Aims and Goals

Interviewers are looking to the future. In the vast majority of cases, they are looking for a long term hire. Because of this, they want someone with goals for the future. They will be looking for someone who understands the role and has plans for excelling in it. Research the role, thing about what you can add to it and what you can achieve in it. This will impress your interviewer.

They are also looking for someone who has their own career goals. A common interview question is “where do you see yourself in five years?”. Hiring managers are asking this because they want to see ambition. This shows belief in yourself, the ability to plan for the future and a desire to succeed. These are all traits that would stand you in good stead for the role.


Of course, this list is not exhaustive and every hiring manager is looking for different things. However, the above traits are particularly common. The most important thing is to prepare thoroughly, understand the brief and be yourself.





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