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What Does A Marketing Manager Do?

31st January 2019

What Does A Marketing Manager Do?

When you think of marketing what comes to mind? Flyers and posters, graphs and analysis, websites and press releases? Well it’s all of those…and a little bit more.

Our Team

Here at Red Berry we have a very active marketing team, consisting of me – Natalie Godeau, our Marketing Manager, Sam Pardey our social media executive and our MD Helen Lacey. We are always looking at ways that we can market the business in the most interesting, engaging and creative way.

What I Do

Without going into loads of details about what I do every day, I will say that my role is varied, fun, challenging at times, but very rewarding when I see something that I have been working on come to life. I can’t tell you what a typical week looks like as there really is no such thing!

I get to be involved in some fantastic things. From organising and promoting a charity event like Bounce with the Berries (where our MD and members of staff plus cricketers from Somerset County Cricket Club raced space hoppers through the streets of Bridgwater) through to analysing our social media impact, to writing award entries (and being lucky enough to go along to some very glitzy award ceremonies!) there is always something to do, ideas to be had, and results to be gained.

I create and manage our annual marketing plan, and work closely with Helen and Sam to come up with new ideas and campaigns to help promote the business. We have some fantastic things planned for 2019, especially a campaign that we are preparing to help promote the older workforce.  Our marketing plan consists of things like guest blogs, live videos, social media content, charity collaboration and more. We also set aside time to analyse our activities and work out whether what we are doing is hitting our target audience and conveying the right key messages. This analysis is vital, if you aren’t hitting your target audience then your efforts are wasted – and that is never good.

What Do You Need To Be A Marketing Manager?

To be a marketing manager you need to be creative, flexible, good at planning and be able to think on your feet. You also need to have an eye for an opportunity and not be afraid to take it. Resilience is important too as in my experience as people tend to have a lot of opinions about marketing and not all your ideas will be well received and have the impact you hoped for – but you bounce back and come up with new ideas using what you learnt to improve and refine your work.

So, in a nutshell that is what I do. Enough blog writing now, it’s time to analyse our bounce rate!





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