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Why Permanent Work?

11th October 2018

Why Permanent Work?

Last week, our blog investigated temporary work. Why some roles are temporary, why people would want temp work and why I can be beneficial to the employer.

This week, we look at permanent work.


Businesses will look to employ on a permanent basis if they are replacing a previous employee, or if they are expanding and creating a new role.

Permanent work gives them stability, in the knowledge that the employee will be sticking with them for a significant amount of time. It is also easy for them, providing longevity. Once they have the employee, they don’t need to continue considering the need to keep employing new staff, as they would with temps.

It will also have benefits for this business. The permanent employee will be more focused. They will know what they need to do and set about doing so. Temporary staff may need more management, guidance and motivation.


For the employee, gaining permanent employment has huge benefits, depending on your situation.

It provides job security to a large extent, in that the company are hiring you on a permanent placement as they are looking for longevity. It also provides you a salaried wage, potentially leaving you more in control on your finances. This is in comparison with temporary work, which can be ad hoc and irregular.

You will also get more benefits as a permanent employee. Not only are you entitled to paid leave (holiday, sick, parental), you also gain personal development. Many companies will put their employees through career advancing training and qualifications. This will not only help you in the present, but also help you in the future. There is also a chance for promotion through permanent employment. Leading to a higher salary, more power and other added benefits.

Though temporary work is right for some people, we would advise people to look for permanent work if they are able to. The added security and benefits provide insurance within the role. Likewise, we would always advise a business to take on permanent staff if it is in a position to do so, as it provides them with more stability.





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